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Total Costs, Labor Requirements, and Work Efficiencies in Rice Production Mechanization in Turkey: A Case Study From Samsun Province


Ministry of Industry and Technology, Automotive Assistant Specialist, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Agriculture, Samsun, Turkey

Atatürk University Journal of Agricultural Faculty 2023; 54: 9-14
DOI: 10.5152/AUAF.2023.221934
Read: 466 Downloads: 129 Published: 31 January 2023

Rice has an important place in Turkey’s economy and human nutrition. Bafra town of Samsun province is one of the luckiest provinces in terms of rice production potential in Turkey. It takes second place among provinces in our country in terms of rice cultivation area and production amount. It is necessary to pay attention to agricultural machinery operation to use inputs in optimum as it comprises a significant share of inputs used for plant production like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and mechanization. This study was carried out to determine the total costs, labor requirements, and work efficiencies in the rice production mechanization by survey method in Bafra county of Samsun province in 2018. The data obtained through face-to-face questionnaires applied to previously determined businesses were evaluated. According to the results, the total variable and fixed costs are calculated as 4036.40 and 6229.90 TLha−1. The share of variable and fixed costs in total production costs was determined as 60.68% and 39.32%, respectively. Among the variable costs, the highest share was obtained by harvesting (13.12%) and tillage costs (6.93%). The highest share in the fixed costs was land hire (22.46%). The highest and the lowest labor requirements were found for tillage (4.52 hha−1) and for the drying process (0.87 hha−1). The highest work efficiency was obtained for the drying process (1.15 hah−1). In particular, it was emphasized that variable costs can be reduced by good mechanization planning, which can lead to more profitable production with the effective use of agricultural machinery.

Cite this article as: Türer, H., & Yıldız, T. (2023). Total costs, labor requirements, and work efficiencies in rice production mechanization in Turkey: A case study from samsun province. Research in Agricultural Sciences, 54(1), 9-14.

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